What are some creative ideas for a painting company to generate new business?

4 Creative Ways to Grow A painters Pittsburgh Business
Building a profitable business hinges on more than just a loyal customer base. Being able to grow the company takes time and creativity. However, a nudge in the right direction does not hurt either.

4. Realtors and Wholesalers

Working with realtors and wholesale real estate investors can be a boon for a painters company. Moreover, they work with multiple properties at one time. There will be plenty of jobs large and small to go around. Not to mention, as their business increases the likelihood that your growth will happen as well.

3. Advertise with HomeOwners Associations

As many homeowners will attest, the yearly inspection by their association can be more than a hassle. Especially, as emails or letters arrive with a list of repairs that are needed. Since, the notices are given to every homeowner in the community, having a small advertisement inside can give exclusive first access to potential clients who are already in need of your services.

2. Referral Discounts

Offering a little something in the way of a discount is a terrific way to generate more business for a painters company. Happy customers will naturally speak about your company to the people they know. However, a little reduction in the cost of future services also encourages them to come back and schedule additional projects.

1. Offer More Value

Potential clients like to see the value of the deal they are getting. Drywall repair, graffiti removal, maintenance painting, etc., are companion services that can be offered where applicable. Being able to provide additional services increases your company’s value to the client.

Even offering a free estimate can add perceived value to clients.

Finding a creative way to generate new business for your painters does not have to be expensive. Start with these four tips, and your company will soon be growing by leaps and bounds.