Backyard Makeover Tips


Send the entire weekend working in the yard we did a giant make over from meeting every single bed edging malty in putting down top soil we put in polls for string lights got a new patio rug an umbrella had cushions made my mommy that I made it sound like we hired somebody know my mom a cushions for the chairs we still need to do a couple of things but I want to show you the entire weekend process and then also show you it be Before & After soak let’s get started starting out I wanted to show you what the house will flight when I bought it the

Get it all out as you can see there’s no papers down the side of the driveway and then I did put down at the patio 2 summers ago than last year when I was out of town Adam surprised me ended a bunch of work he pulled all of those papers out of the yard and then he also and all of these ones he ended up putting top slowdown and junk removal service in the backyard around the patio that I had put down and then he also put this paver walkway in now into the real time of where we started this year all of this has been pulled out my gosh that’s a lie Where those all back there this whole area was just like full of this stuff that’s good and a little pavers

One since the intermedia his halt this is our starting point we have a bunch of things we need to get rid of including a dollar to keep a trash so this is kind of like a long ways down What you edging all the way along the garden we are putting in landscaping stones all along here and getting rid of all of this extra dirt that we don’t need an actually planting all these hostels

Aminah we got a new rug an umbrella my mom made some cushions so all of that stuff will go on here and then we are putting up string lights were put into ruin Poles and do string lights hanging from defense from the garage to the fence so those are the plans will see how much making it done this weekend this is the sign guard all the fabric down

The only have one more but this is the gravel that will go down and buy all the papers on Thursday night when Adam financial working he started on B side yard of putting the papers down and then also putting the pea gravel down I came and helped him after I was done working for the day and I as you’ll see in this video M doing a lot of the wheelbarrow and because I figure from the yard work I may as well get a workout too so I was the 1 kind of scooping things up from the piles and bringing loads over to him about we just put these papers down so that we’ve can’t grow here this is not really a functional space for us it will just be if we need access to their conditioning unit or something on that side of the house but this isn’t something in an area that were ever going to use were just making us that we don’t ever have to deal with it again they to that delivery numerous sources here

So Adam is going to put these stones along on Friday Adam took the day off in so in the morning he started on levelling out this little area and putting the papers in this is a really tedious task just because we want to make sure that the garden was level but that it still went along with the side Rockies on that kind of slopes down towards the back of the yard so it took quite a while to get this right but he did such a good job so we just went through and then put the paper stand down dug everything out caught all of the pavers and then eventually obviously install them I have noticed and you’ll notice this throughout the video I’m left handed so I put the camera kind of on the wrong side of where has working because has right handed so has never really facing it that I should have put the

To bed And and put the rest of these landscape stones in so kind of goes up and stays level and has going to level out the dirt and plant all of these hostels over here very very good working on Friday I came out and started helping him with some projects 1st up being the mulch in this little side garden this validation is officially died a lot of words already planted and the stones 300 think I said it before but the reason that he had to do the 2 stones down to the one stone is beautiful land kind of those Downs we wanted the bed to be using so looks much better bees are the 3 Poles that were going to hang this string lights from and we did not paint them black just so that you can only see them in their on ice or in the

This is the end of day one so these are all needed needed I carry member if I showed the final part of this yesterday This is AA before shot of one of the gardens sturdy with all about weeding out the gardens it was such a big job is so many gardens to weed out so this is kind of the 4 of